Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How much do flowers cost?

It is the first question asked by inquiring brides.  To be honest, it's a hard question to answer.  Every wedding, bride, style, season, location, and colors are unique and different.  Designing flowers for a wedding is something that I don't take lightly.  It can be one of the most challenging and rewarding elements of the big day.  After all flowers play a very important role in a wedding, right?  The personal flowers end up in almost every photo of the bride, her bouquet is an accessory as important as hair, makeup, shoes, even the dress!  A good floral designer always wants to see a photo of the brides dress.  Not all bouquets look good with all dresses.

Please do not be afraid to tell your floral designer your budget for flowers.  That will give her and idea of what she has to work with and steer you in a direction that will work with that budget in mind. 
I also like to ask a bride what are the three most important elements of your wedding?  That also lets me know how important flowers are to her.  Everyone is different, here are the typical answers:

1.  Photos
2.  Flowers
3.  Location

Mother of Bride:
1.  Food
2.  Flowers
3.  Location/Cost of event

1.  Bar
2.  DJ/Entertainment
3.  Honeymoon

Flowers are usually always in the top 3 most important elements on the Brides and the Mothers lists. You can see where the groom likes to spend his money.

Flower and decor trends are always changing.  Today, brides are looking to be more simplistic, not so over dramatic with floral decor.  The word Anthropologie comes up often, which I love.  It seems as if this style would be less expensive, but usually is not.  Purchasing different styles of containers, antiques, and props takes time and money.  On the day of the wedding, set up takes longer, and many sites don't allow vendors in too early.  All of these scenarios need to be considered when selecting your table decor.  Many of the blogger styled shoots (like the photo below) are styled just for a photo shoot, or to help give brides great ideas.  Much easier to come up with this decor for one table vs. 10 to 20 tables.

With all that said, you're still asking....How much do flowers cost??  I like to "start" with 10 to 14% of your overall budget should be set aside for flowers.  Again, it depends on many different factors.  I love to work with all budgets.  I feel every bride has the right to have beautiful and well cared for flowers.  A design that suits her and makes the day unforgettable. 

Cheers to you and your wedding!  May it be filled with floral love!

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