Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fave Photos of 2009

Here are a few of my favorite photos of 2009:
Both of these gorgeous photos taken by Studio 6.23
Location:  LaJolla, CA

I loved this photo so much I used it in my ad for a brochure
a wedding venue that I work at often.
Photo by the talented Justin Hulse of Hulse Photography.

This is the same wedding as the first set of photos, but a different photographer.
The shoes, the flowers, the color combo - LOVE!  
Photo by:  Jeremy of Lucero Photography 

Two daughters and their father. I love how he looks so proud
and strong for an emotional day ahead.
The bride Kristen has become a photographer herself and I see good things coming from her, 
check out her website:  InGrace Photography 
This photo shot by:  Jose Zakany 

ONE MORE......

I love this photo for so many reasons.

1.  Beautiful couple
2. Beautiful flowers
3.  My delivery truck is in the photo!

Yes, this is my delivery truck for local weddings.  How lucky am I to have such a cool delivery truck.  Many of my brides have loved to use it for a photo op.  My wonderful father and classic car collector, surprised me with it this June.  He bought it because it matched my business card colors.  How cute is that!
Photo by:  jShippley Photography  His website is awesome!

Today is Superbowl Sunday, have fun everyone and be safe.  Go Saints!!

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