Monday, June 29, 2015

Choosing bouquets for your wedding series. White bridal bouquets

Welcome to our weeklong blog series on choosing the right bouquets for your wedding.  We're starting off with white wedding bouquets.  In the days to come we'll discuss color bouquets,  and bridesmaid bouquets.
Photo by Josh Elliot
Your bouquet is one of the most noticed accessories that you will choose for your wedding day.  Think of all the photos of weddings you've seen....the bouquet is just as noticed as your dress.  You can't even quite see your jewelry, shoes or veil.  It requires some thought, financial investment and trust in your florist.
When we meet for the consultation please bring a photo of your dress.  I feel it is important because there are some dresses that scream for a certain design or careful thought.
Photo by Lane Dittoe
Do you want an all white bouquet?  Many brides grow up dreaming of their wedding day and their flowers.  Did you picture a white dress and white flowers?  Before Pinterest you probably did.  I would say this is the most common request, but then you see the photos of all of the other bouquets and you are confused.  Here are some of our white bouquets.  Looking through all of our photos, I realize that about 50% of our brides wanted white bouquets.

You'll notice that white or neutral bouquets are harder to see because they blend with your dress.  Most of our bouquets incorporate some sort of greenery or texture to break up the look so the flowers are more noticeable in the photos.
I'll start with the ones with less greenery, leading to ones with more.
Is a white bouquet the right one for you?  Take a look and maybe these images will help you to decide.

Photo by Logan Cole

Photo by Logan Cole

Sweet Tea Photography

Sweet Tea Photography
Photo by Lane Dittoe

Orange Owl Photography
I love the pop of ribbon on this one.
The bridesmaids dresses were black.

Orange Owl Photography
Photo by Brett Hickman
This bride provided us ribbons
from her mothers dress that we
added to her bouquet.

Photo by Tyler Branch
Focus Photography
Adrian Jon Photography

Photo by Eric McVey

Photo by Eric McVey
Frenzel Photography
Photo by Josh Elliot
Photo by Troy Grover

Braeden Photography
Vitaly M Photography
Matthew Morgan Photography


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These are just amazing DIY wedding bouquets. I loved these designs. I have seen these butterfly Bouquets in a wedding fair that was organized last month at a local event venue. Everything there was also quite interesting!!

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