Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Daughter's Wedding

What a wonderful day, November 1, 2013.  The weather was perfect and everything was set for the wedding I was most looking forward to out of the 49 others I provided flowers for last year.
I hope you enjoy a few photos that were not in our Green Wedding Shoes feature, The Grovers Blog post or anywhere else.  These are some private and special moments that I'd like to share with you from Sydnee and Sam's magical day.  Special thanks to Troy & Aimee Grover for the amazing photos.  Also, my friends at The Villa, you know who you are!!  Aaaannnddd of coarse my fabulous staff, Randi and Susan (and special guest Annie).  Thank you, thank you for helping me so much with this one!

First up, the little details that inspired this wedding.  Vintage brass animals and containers, amber, green and brown vintage glass, wood, moss, blush and burgundy tones, unique flowers, pods and greenery.

Before we got dressed I took Sydnee around the courtyard to show her the tables that we had both carefully shopped for and styled with lots of love and thought.  We were both so happy with the way it all turned out and she got exactly what she wanted (of coarse)!

What a dress, right?!?!  It's a WooToo by Waters.  "Olivia" in Oatmeal.  The perfect blushy/tan princess cut.  Sydnee had originally thought she wanted a lace bohemian style dress, but when she tried this one on, we looked at each other and knew that was it!

Working in-between getting ready.  Next up is Sydnee's first look with her Dad and brother Isaiah.  What an emotional moment!!

Mr & Mrs Samuel Craig Nelson!

Sydnee's wonderful Nelson Family!!  She is very lucky to have 
married into such a great and close bunch.

Me and Sydnee.  Below, my family.

Story behind this photo….On our wedding day, one of our funny groomsman put this on the bottom of  David's shoes, so it seemed appropriate for David to carry on the tradition.

Father/Daughter dance to "Brown Eyed Girl".  I'm standing next to my dad watching.  

THIS GUY…Thank you Troy and your beautiful wife Aimee for being there to capture the day!

Next week I'll share some other fun details. 


christine (project watermark) said...

Absolutely loved everything about this wedding. Including the people! The pics of you and Sydnee and then that special first look with Dad. Ugh get the tissues...

Gale Somodi said...

Stacey -
You did a beautiful job on this blog - it brought as much emotion to me as that day itself did. Maybe even more, because (Alicia) today I can let my joyful tears flow freely...

The Grovers said...

So neat to see some of your favorite meaningful shots! Brings so much joy!