Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bright and colorful DIY wedding in Palm Springs

Matt is a pilot and personal friend of mine.  Sarah is a flight attendant with a heart of gold.  I'm sure you can figure out how they met ;)  They live in Utah where they are stationed with the airline they work for so most of our contact was by email.  Believe me when I say....Sarah worked her buns off on this wedding!!  She did everything basically besides cook the food!  And she let us do her flowers......They got married at Spencer's and Christine Arnold was kind enough to send us a cd of these great photos (her packaging is top notch).
Everything you're about to see was hand made by Sarah the bride, and knowing Matt, I'm sure he helped too.


 Congratulations to Sarah and Matt!  I'd like to share her review she left us on Yelp, it's so sweet and it was our honor.
We picked Stacey to work with for our wedding flowers and it was one of the best decisions we made about the whole event! During the consultation, I brought in some pictures and we talked about a few ideas that were sort of conflicting, but she just ran with it. It was like she could read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted, even though I wasn't really explaining it well.   I was so delighted with the work she did for us- the final product was really amazing!! But what really made me love Stacey 100% was what she did for me on the wedding day. My venue coordinator ended up losing her mind and called during hair/makeup to say that she'd run out of time to set up the decorations I'd made for the ceremony lawn. I was panicking, but didn't want to bother any of my family or friends who'd flown in from out of state and should be relaxing. When Stacey arrived with the flowers, she noticed what was going on and called me, offering to set up the ceremony decor for us. WHAT A LIFESAVER!!!!

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