Friday, June 29, 2012

Classic Meets Burlap and Lace

Let's start out by saying that the greatest weddings are those that stay true to the couple--how they met, their interests, little quirks, and all the hilarious moments they have shared together. This couple, Kristin and Matt, not only incorporated themselves into this wedding, but their creative family and friends too. Oh, and we might want to mention that they had the help of a fabulous photographer too, Tyler Branch. Check out his website here. Since we could go on forever about this wedding, let's just highlight some of our favorite things:

Kristin chose a classic Cascade Bouquet. Let's face it, we don't often see these beauties anymore, and it's so refreshing to see again. It's beautiful, classic, and chic...much like our bride.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses. We love how Kristin let her girls choose what flattered them, and it helped to create a classic yet casual vibe.

Each table was named after a location that played an important part in the Kristin and Matt's journey.

Don't you feel the warmth simply by looking at the photos? It was a truly intimate, welcoming wedding and we were so honored to have been a  part of it. We are wishing Kristin and Matt the very best!!! Here's to spreading floral love!

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