Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's The Must-Have flower for your wedding? -Part 2: Rose

Season: Summer :) BUT most roses you can get year-round
Price:  Moderate.  Garden Roses are higher in price.
Colors: red, white, yellow, lavender, champagne, pastels, purple, burgundy, orange, pinks, multi-colored, peach/apricot, light pink, rust, ivory, cream, deep red....the list could go on and on.
Meaning: Roses ooze love and romance, so it's no surprise that they are considered to symbolize love. Just as with the Calla Lilies, the color of the rose carries it's own significance. For example, yellow roses mean "friendship," red roses mean "true love," and so on...
Cool Fact: Some Garden Roses actually share very similar qualities with the famous Peony flower, and can often work as a substitute for Peonies. They are very delicate with a vintage flair.

Why we LOVE them: The smell! The textures! Roses are classic and can add a touch of elegance to any event!

Check out some of the arrangements with roses by Floral Occasions:

Photo by Elle Photography

 Photo by Lucero Photography

Photo by Julie Harmsen Photography

Photo by Paul Von Rieter

Photo by Tyler Branch Photography

Photo by Julie Harmsen Photography

Which rose design did you like best? Leave us a comment below! :)

Also, stay tuned for our feature on Cymbidium Orchids tomorrow! Here's to spreading floral love!

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