Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mass(ive) Military Wedding

On June 1st, this wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!!  Click HERE to see it.

We here at Floral Occasions admire and are so thankful to our Military.  For all they do for our wonderful country and most importantly our freedom.

When Stacey at Hitching Post Public Relations called me to ask if I'd like to participate by donating flowers to this Mass Military Wedding, it took me just a second to decide, how could I not?!  21 BOUQUETS!  NO PROBLEM!  We had a base of ivory and white hydrangea, roses, and stock for all then we had each bride choose and accent color to make it special and her own.

The wedding and vow renewals took place at the beautiful Huntington Beach Hyatt on May 22nd.  It was sponsored by K-Earth 101 and the Hyatt along with an amazing list of generous vendors.
Here is a link to a great slideshow by Lucy @ Manalo Empire Photography.  Please go check it out!!  Also, Molly @ Luminarie Images blog post is full of great images.  Here are a few of hers:

K-Earth 101 has these images.  And there was a great article posted by The OC Register.
Thank you to all you amazing military men and women, and thank you to all the wonderful vendors that helped to make this event so special.
These words from one of our brides in an email touches my heart:

On may 22nd I remarried my best friend, and hero. If it was not for the generosity, and also the patriotism of the vendors, our fairytale wedding would have never been within our reach.
I honestly can not say thank you enough for the event that took place on the Sunday.
It was truly an honor to spread a little floral love to our military.


amy said...

Lets just say my green bouqet with nothing remotely pink was awesome :) I already have a rose pressed in our bible, and than the others hang drying, the hubs loved the bouqet too, he said whoever.made it made sure I had the green :)

Ribbons & Rust said...

This gives me all sorts of warm & fuzzies! I love that each bouquet was personalized for the bride! What a special thing to be a part of! Thanks to those grooms who serve (and those strong brides who stand by them). xo