Monday, December 27, 2010

Blogity, blog, blog, blog.....

Blogging doesn't come easy for me.  My creativity is through my floral design.  Thank goodness for all the wonderful wedding bloggers out there!!  Thank you for showcasing our work so we can stick to what we're good at :)  I do however understand the importance of blogging so you all can see what we are up to in our world and what we are keeping tabs on.

Soooo.....if you haven't seen them already, here are the blogs we were featured on this year....drum roll please!

We are a preferred vendor with this great website/blog and so proud of it.....THE WEDDING CHICKS
Featured on 11/10/10  See it HERE 
Nicole & Patrick ~ Est. 10/9/10

Photo courtesy of Julie Harmsen Photography
GREEN WEDDING SHOES is an awesome blog, and Jenn, the creator loves all things vintage, so how could she not share this wonderful wedding with her followers!  
Featured on 6/1/10  See it HERE
Stephanie & Brian ~ Est. 5/1/10 

Photos courtesy of Brandon Kidd Photography
They say that if you are featured on STYLE ME PRETTY, you've got a lot to be proud of.  I'm especially proud of the comment by Abby the writer: "If I have to call dibs on one element that has completely won me would have to be the flowers by Stacey Fitts.  The holy-cow-gorgeous flowers!"
Featured on 8/11/10  See it HERE
Pam & Eddie ~ Est. 5/29/10

Photos courtesy of Christine Farah Photography

Our next few blog features were from styled shoots I provided some florals for and helped set up the sets along side some pretty amazing and talented professionals.
ROCK AND ROLL BRIDE is a great blog with the writer residing and mostly blogging about weddings in England.  Her blog is so much fun and she is one cool chick!  For her to feature our shoot, was a big honor.  Sugar & Fluff Design and Crissy Farah invited me to take part in this end of the year "we're over these trends, but their not going anywhere" funfest.  Our model Molly is my daughter Sydnee's best friend, she rocked it!!
Stick A Fork In It Shoot  10/30/10  See it HERE
Also featured on GREY LIKES WEDDINGS 12/14/10 See it HERE

Photo courtesy of Christine Farah Photography

Another GREEN WEDDING SHOES feature!  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!!  Thank you to a prior bride, Stephanie and her new company RIBBONS & RUST for actually paying me to participate in this fun photo shoot for her webiste.  We did the shoot right in my own neighborhood, so much fun!!
Featured on 12/3/10  See it HERE

Photo courtesy of Brandon Kidd Photography

Thank you to all the wonderful wedding bloggers out there, keep up the good work!!
Happy New Year everyone and let it be a year full of Spreading Floral Love!

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