Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Madness!

The first bit of exciting news is that a wedding we provided the flowers for was featured on Green Wedding Shoes today!  What a huge honor this is.  If you haven't checked out this website, you must.  I'm officially (and have been for a while now) a GWS blogstocker!  I'm sure that's a new word they will be adding to the dictionary soon "blogstocker".  Share with us exciting blogs you follow.

Here is the video link to the very talented photographer Brandon Kidd that he was willing to share.  Thanks for making our flowers look even more spectacular! Check his blog on this wedding for even more wonderfulness!

A few weddings that happened during May Madness:

This weekend we had a wedding at the fabulous private estate Maison des Oliviers in San Juan Capistrano.  Contact Lorrie at OC Party Places to book inquire about this venue, it is stunning!  I have just a few personal photos, I can't wait to see the pictures that were taken by the fabulous Crissy at Christine Farah Photography.  I will share when I get a hold of them.  She had mentioned that she would get it featured in a blog since it was so beautiful!  Thanks Crissy :)  Here are some from my camera:
Congrats to Pam & Eddie!
My neighbor Marianne has a great yard.  Someone once told her that people would pay to sit in your yard and that got her to thinking....why not offer classes to show people how I did it and other ways to enjoy life through gardening (it is very therapeutic).  Goin Native was launched in the fall of 2009.  I've been lucky to teach a few classes there as well and have more scheduled in July, August and September.  Check out their website for all the juicy info.  Here is a beautiful bouquet I made for a garden tour they had a few weeks ago:

We had the opportunity to take a little time off this month to head up north to Cayucos, Ca.  A cute little beach town close to Morro Bay.  One of my best friends Kirsten was getting married and I certainly couldn't show up empty handed!  Congrats to Kirsten & Patrick, he is one heck of a lucky guy.  By the way Kirsten is a very talented musician!  Check her out!

And finally, congratulations to Sarah & Brett who got married on the 15th at Franciscan Gardens.  Sarah just finished a service with the military while planning her wedding.  I met with her and did her consultation while she was on a short break during her tour.  Bless her heart, that had to have been stressful!  Thank you Sarah for your service and thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our beautiful country and keep us safe.

Now on to June....can you believe it??  Wishing you floral love ~ Stacey


Marcie said...

You have amazing talent!
Makes me want to get married again!

Angie said...

Beautiful!! I esp love the one you made for your friend!!