Sunday, April 4, 2010

First weddings of the season - Spring 2010

Today will be the third wedding of this beautiful spring.  It is at Caspers Wilderness Park on Ortega Highway.  Such a beautiful setting and especially this time of year.  A challenging wedding because the park rangers would like me to use only native plants or flowers to the park or another alternative "plastic flowers".  WHAT???  Could you imagine ME giving a bride a bouquet of plastic flowers!  I think they call them silks now, and well, that's just not my cup of tea.

Here is what we came up with.

 This was the grooms BestWoman, his sister.  I was surprised to find this out, but the boutonniere looked great with her beautiful tweed suit.
I think this boutonniere is my favorite that I've ever done.  What do you think of it?

 The ceremony location at the Visitors center of Caspers Park. 

The reception was held at The Ramos House Cafe in my hood, down the street.  I love doing weddings in SJC.

 In March we had a few weddings.  Candice & Mike's wedding was at Franciscan Gardens.
 Glamelia or Couture Rose Bouquet.

***NOTE***  These are pictures that I took, not from a professional photog, so I know they are not that great and maybe don't do the flowers much justice.

Then there was the adorable Arlene & Jojo.  Budget savy couple that didn't even have room in their budget for flowers!  What to do?  Rochelle, the site manager at Franciscan Gardens suggested they call me.  I helped them to create a super chic centerpiece that they could afford.

Bridesmaid bouquets that were cute and inexpensive.

And, well, we went all out on the Bridal Bouquet of course!  Her dress was stunning, and maybe my favorite so far.

Sweet story from this wedding.  Joe is a musician and wrote Arlene a song after their first date.  Arlene wanted it for their first dance, Joe said no because he had other plans to surprise her with it another way.  He was going to sing it to her during dinner.  While setting up with his brother and a violinist friend from out of state, the keyboard died.  There was no other way to perform this song, the keyboards were the main instrument.  I overheard what was going on so I offered our good ole Costco keyboards for them to use, and I live right around the corner, so we jumped in the car and 15 minutes later they did a quick sound check and saved the day!  I love when we can provide more than just beautiful flowers.

Happy Easter to you and remember the real reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday.  I'm thankful that He died on the cross for all of us.
Blessings to you.      ~Stacey


Julie h said...

yes! i love that boutonniere! you're so good!

jessieflowers said...

LOVE all of the pretty details. The boutonniere is gorgeous!